Ivanitsky AM

Иваницкий Алексей Михайлович


Born June 2, 1928.

1952 – Graduated the 1-st Moscow Medical Institute as physician.
1952-1956 – Postgraduate student at the Chair of physiology of the1-st Moscow Medical Institute.
1956 – Candidate of Medical Sciences. The candidate thesis was dedicated to the problem of the ontogenesis of higher nervous activity.
1956-1961 – Junior scientist in the Institute of Higher Nervous Activity.
1961-1990 – Head the Electrophysiological laboratory of the V.P.Serbsky Institute of General and Forensic Psychiatry.
1965 – Doctor of Medical Sciences. Doctor thesis treated the problem of impaired brain functions, resulting the damage during the brain development.
1968 – Professor of Physiology.
1987 (until now) – Head of the Laboratory of Human Higher Nervous Activity of the Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology, Russian Academy of Sciences.

A.M.Ivanitsky is a leading Russian specialist in human brain physiology, particularly in the field of the brain base of human mind and consciousness. He developed the theory of the informational synthesis as the brain base of mental events. The theory was based on the studies of brain mechanisms of perception and thinking. It was experimentally shown that the sensation emerged as a result of the synthesis on projection cortex neurons of sensory information and information retrieved from memory. Using the new technique of brain mapping revealing the cortical connectivity, he described the dynamic cortical formations – interaction foci which provide the informational synthesis process in thinking. A.M.Ivanitsky’s team demonstrated that the cortical rhythms rearrangements were specific for particular types of thinking that enabled to develop the technology for computer recognition of the mental operation executed by the subject, using EEG records. Last works by A.M.Ivanitsky are dedicated to the mechanisms of verbal thinking and verbal selective attention. He proposed the hypothesis that the irrelevant verbal stimuli are perceived but not stored in episodic memory. A.M.Ivanitsky is the author of about 370 scientific publications (including three monographs, papers and abstracts). A.M.Ivanitsky is a member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Psychophysiology as well as two national scientific journals.

Main Honors and Awards.

1971 – Honorary Address by the Presidium of the Russian Supreme Council.
1988 – Honorary Medal of the I.P.Pavlov All-Union Physiological Society.
1990 – Member of the New York Academy of Sciences.
1996 The I.P.Pavlov Gold Medal of the Russian Academy of Sciences for researches of the physiological basis of the human mind and consciousness.
1998–- Corresponding Member (2004 – Full Member) of International Academy of Astronautics.
1999 – Honorary Scientist of the Russian Federation.
2000 – Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
2007 – The V.M.Bechterev Gold Medal of the Russian Academy of Sciences for researches of the physiological basis of perception, thinking and consciousness.

Some recent publications:

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