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Kristina K.D. Vigasina

Minor scientist

graph analysis, motor imagery, brain computer interfaces, eyetracking

Laboratory of General and Clinical Neurophysiology

Publication list

  1. Danilov G.V., Vigalina K.D., Strunina Yu.V., Kaverina M.Yu., Galkin M.V., Kuleva A.Yu., Alexeeva A.N., Lazutkin A.A., Enikolopov G.N., Krotkova O.A. Gaze Fixation Patterns Correlate with Visual Attention and Memory: the Results of a Pilot Study in Healthy Subjects. Modern Technologies in Medicine. 2019. V. 11. N. 1. P. 54-60. DOI: 10.17691/stm2019.11.1.06.
  2. Yarets M.Y., Kuleva A.Yu., Galkin M.V., Vigalina K.D., Strunina Yu.V., Sharova E.V., Krotkova O.A. EEG Connectivity đÉnalysis in Patients with Left and Right Hemispheric Mediobasal Meningiomas before and after the Therapeutic Radiation Exposure. Archives in Neurology & Neuroscience. 2019. V. 5. N. 3. P. 1-3. DOI: 10.33552/ANN.2019.05.000612.

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