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Georgy A. Ivanitsky

D.Sc. in Biology, Leading Scientist

Laboratory of Human Higher Nervous Activity

Publication list

  1. Atanov M.S., Ivanitsky G.A., Ivanitsky A.M. Cognitive brain–Computer interface and probable aspects of its practical application. Fiziologiia cheloveka. 2016. V. 42. N. 3. P. 5-11. DOI: 10.7868/S0131164616030036.
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  4. Portnova G.V., Martynova O.V., Ivanitsky G.A. Age-related differences in auditory evoked potentials in the perception of sequential and spatial components of audio information. Fizioligija Cheloveka. 2014. V. 40. N. 1. P. 26-35.
  5. Roik A.O., Ivanitsky G.A., Ivanitsky A.M. Human cognitive space: the coincidence of models built on the basis of the analysis of brain rhythms and on psychometric measurements. Rossijskij Fiziologicheskij Zhurnal im I M Sechenova. 2012. V. 98. N. 11. P. 1314-1328.
  6. Martynova O.V., Roik A.O., Ivanitsky G.A. Changes in the performance of the cardiovascular system in various mental operations. Fiziologija Cheloveka. 2011. V. 37. N. 6. P. 35-41.
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