Neuromotor Problems At the Core of Autism
Researchers warn using psychotropic medications to treat autism could make neuromotor problems worse

Study Uncovers Details of Information Processing in the Brain
New research shows that, when focused, we process information continuously, rather in waves as previously thought

Illusion Reveals the Brain Fills in Peripheral Vision
What we see in the periphery, just outside the direct focus of the eye, may sometimes be a visual illusion

How the Hippocampus Influences Future Thinking
Researchers report the hippocampus isn’t just important for remembering past events, it also plays a vital role in future planning

Selective modulation of cortical state during spatial attention
Cortical states are controlled locally within a cortical map according to cognitive demands

Brain Connections Show More Symmetry Between Hemispheres in People With Autism
A new study identifies differences in brain connectivity in people with ASD compared to their typically developing peers

Researchers use fast fMRI to track the brain activity that occurs during thought

Brain Pattern Flexibility and Behavior
Researchers investigate how high level cognitive processing occurs by looking at how different brain regions are connected

3D embryo atlas reveals human development in unprecedented detail
Digital model will aid vital research, offering chance chance to explore intricate changes occurring in the first weeks of life

A computer program just ranked the most influential brain scientists of the modern era
1st Karl J. Friston, 2nd Raymond J. Dolan, 3rd Marcus E. Raichle

A dinosaur’s brain, preserved in a pebble
The first known evidence of fossilized brain tissue of a dinosaur

Big dreams emerge for big brain science projects
The United Nations of Brain Projects met nearby in unbounded enthusiasm for the idea that transnational cooperation will, at last, explain the brain

This protein designer aims to revolutionize medicines and materials
Baker’s team and collaborators report making cages that assemble themselves from as many as 120 designer proteins, which could open the door to a new generation of molecular machines

How Words Are Represented in the Brain
A new study sheds light on the neurobiology of reading.

Updated human brain map reveals nearly 100 new regions
The Human Connectome Project defined 180 distinct areas, including nearly 100 that have never been described before

Imaging synaptic density in the living human brain
Scientists developed a noninvasive approach to “see” human synapses by using an imaging agent that targets the synaptic vesicle glycoprotein 2A (SV2A).

Unlocking the Secrets of the Brain: Defining and Measuring Human Intelligence
Researchers have identified how different parts of the brain interact with each other at different times in order to discover how intellect works

Tau protein—not amyloid—may be key driver of Alzheimer’s symptoms
A new imaging study of 10 people with mild AD suggests that tau deposits—not amyloid—are closely linked to symptoms such as memory loss and dementia

How the Brain Switches to Memory Mode
Certain cells in the brain, the hippocampal astrocytes, ensure that the new information is given priority

Consciousness Harmed by Abnormal Brain Interactions
There are two networks related to the perception of either the external world or internal thoughts

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