Comparative neuroanatomy of ctenophores: Neural and muscular systems in Euplokamis dunlapae and related species.

Satterlie, "Organization of Buccal ConMusculature in the Pteropod Mollusc Clione limacina"

Distinct Heterosynaptic Plasticity in Fast Spiking and Non-Fast-Spiking Inhibitory Neurons in Rat Visual Cortex

Experiments with Snails Add to Our Knowledge about the Role of aPKC Subfamily Kinases in Learning

Overexpression of Calretinin Enhances Short-Term Synaptic Depression.

LTP suppression by protein synthesis inhibitors is NO-dependent

Consciousness in a multilevel architecture: Evidence from the right side of the brain

Maternal care exerts disease-modifying effects on genetic absence epilepsy and comorbid depression

Genetically encoded calcium indicator with NTnC-like design and enhanced fluorescence contrast and kinetics

Responses of Withdrawal Interneurons to Serotonin Applications in Naïve and Learned Snails Are Different

Long-living RNA in the CNS of terrestrial snail

Adaptive Changes in the Vestibular System of Land Snail to a 30-Day Spaceflight and Readaptation on Return to Earth

Insertion of the voltage-sensitive domain into circularly permuted red fluorescent protein as a design for genetically encoded voltage sensor

Green fluorescent genetically encoded calcium indicator based on calmodulin/M13-peptide from fungi

Thermogenetic neurostimulation with single-cell resolution

Rearing be foster Wistar mother with high level of maternal care counteracts the development of genetic absence epilepsy and comorbid depression in WAG/Rij rats.

Role of Atypical Protein Kinases in Maintenance of Long-Term Memory and Synaptic Plasticity

Genetic background contributes to the co-morbidity of anxiety and depression with audiogenic seizure propensity and responses to fluoxetine treat

Chloride conducting light activated channel GtACR2 can produce both cessation of firing and generation of action potentials in cortical neurons in response to light

Comparative characteristics of two anion-channel rhodopsins and prospects of their use in optogenetics

[Trophic factors deprivation induces long-term protection of neurons against excitotoxic damage]

Lentiviral Modulation of Wnt/β-Catenin Signaling Affects In Vivo LTP.

Genetic Analysis of BDNF, GNB3, MTHFR, ACE and APOE Variants in Major and Recurrent Depressive Disorders in Russia

Cued memory reconsolidation in rats requires nitric oxide

Neural correlates of brain state in chronic ischemia and stroke: combined resting state electroencephalogram and transcranial Doppler ultrasonographic

Impairment of the serotonergic neurons underlying reinforcement elicits extinction of the repeatedly reactivated context memory

Dynamic Causal Modeling of Hippocampal Links within the Human Default Mode Network: Lateralization and Computational Stability of Effective Connections

Effects of intranasal administration of the peptide antagonist of type I vaniloid receptor (TRPV1) in the rodent central nervous system

[Caspase activity in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) of patients with depression and anxiety of different severity]

Upstream Open Reading Frames Located in the Leader of Protein Kinase Mζ mRNA Regulate Its Translation

A new design for a green calcium indicator with a smaller size and a reduced number of calcium-binding sites

Changes in Functional Connectivity of Default Mode Network with Auditory and Right Frontoparietal Networks in Poststroke Aphasia

A fight for life and dignity: A case of massive traumatic brain injury and the paths for treatment and neurorehabilitation

[Extinction and Reconsolidation of Memory]

Increased S-nitrosothiols are associated with spinal cord injury in multiple sclerosis

RNA synthesis and turnover in the molluscan nervous system studied by Click-iT method

Anion-selective channelrhodopsin expressed in neuronal cell culture and in vivo in murine brain: Light-induced inhibition of generation of action potentials


[The Connectomics:Neurophysiology, Achievements and Perspectives]

Expression of BDNF and TrkB Phosphorylation in the Rat Frontal Cortex During Morphine Withdrawal are NO Dependent

[Macroscopic Functional Networks of the Human Brain when Viewing and Recalling Short Videos]

Fluorescent ratiometric pH indicator SypHer2: Applications in neuroscience and regenerative biology

Fluorescent ratiometric pH indicator SypHer2: Applications in neuroscience and regenerative biology.

Lentiviral-mediated overexpression of nerve growth factor (NGF) prevents beta-amyloid [25-35]-induced long term potentiation (LTP) decline in the rat hippocampus

[The Mechanisms of Orientation Sensitivity of Human Vision System. Part II: Neural Patterns of Early Processing of Information about Line Orientation]

Homolog of protein kinase Mζ maintains context aversive memory and underlying long-term facilitation in terrestrial snail Helix

[EEG synchronisation in autistic children. Analysis of coherency]

[Stress reactivity and stress-resilience in the pathogenesis of depressive disorders: involvement of epigenetic mechanisms]

[Quality of neuronal signal registered in the monkey motor cortex with chronically implanted multiple microwires]

Possible role of proteases in preconditioning of brain cells to pathological conditions

EEG correlates of a mental arithmetic task in patients with first episode schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder.

[Consolidation, reactivation and reconsolidation of memory]

[Mechanisms of human orientation sensitivity of the vision system. Part I. Behavioral characteristics of human orientation sensitivity. Influence of task type, experimental conditions and gender]

[The key role of calcium in the mechanism of deprivational potentiation of population responses in hippocampal CA1 neurons]

[Mismatch negativity and its hemodynamic equivalent (based on fMRI) in research of speech perception in healthy and in speech disorders]

NGF but not BDNF overexpression protects hippocampal LTP from beta-amyloid-induced impairment

Brain ischemia, endoplasmic reticulum stress, and astroglial activation: new insights.

[Advanced optical recording of neuronal activity with voltage-sensitive dyes]

Administration of nicotinic receptor antagonists during the period of memory consolidation affects passive avoidance learning and modulates synaptic efficiency in the CA1 region in vivo.

Reduction of epileptic spike-wave activity in WAG/Rij rats fostered by Wistar dams

FlyBase: introduction of the Drosophila melanogaster Release 6 reference genome assembly and large-scale migration of genome annotations.

Elevation of BDNF exon I-specific transcripts in the frontal cortex and midbrain of rat during spontaneous morphine withdrawal is accompanied by enhanced pCreb1 occupancy at the corresponding promoter.

Participation of muscarinic receptors in memory consolidation in passive avoidance learning

Nitric oxide is necessary for labilization of a consolidated context memory during reconsolidation in terrestrial snails.

Nitric oxide is necessary for long-term facilitation of synaptic responses and for development of context memory in terrestrial snails.

Expression of the type 1 metalloproteinase in the rat hippocampus after the intracerebroventricular injection of β-amyloid peptide (25-35).

[Compartmentalization of neral non-synaptic plasticity at subcellular level]

Modulation of synaptic transmission by adenosine in layer 2/3 of the rat visual cortex in vitro

Transient disturbances in contextual fear memory induced by Aβ(25-35) in rats are accompanied by cholinergic dysfunction

The anti-AD cookbook: a new recipe

Human-specific endogenous retroviral insert serves as an enhancer for the schizophrenia-linked gene PRODH

Heterosynaptic plasticity prevents runaway synaptic dynamics

Non-quantal release of acetylcholine in rat atrial myocardium is inhibited by noradrenaline

Energy-efficient encoding by shifting spikes in neocortical neurons

Type 1 metalloproteinase is selectively expressed in adult rat brain and can be rapidly up-regulated by kainate.

Nonsynaptic Plasticity Underlies a Compartmentalized Increase in Synaptic Efficacy after Classical Conditioning

[Involvement of Wnt signaling in hippocampal plasticity]

Fast computations in cortical ensembles require rapid initiation of action potentials

A single pentylenetetrazole-induced clonic-tonic seizure episode is accompanied by a slowly developing cognitive decline in rats.

[Restoration of long-term potentiation by food delivery to deprived rat]

[Evoked spectral EEG power during presentation of pseudowords and words from "animate" and "inanimate" categories]

Intracortical microinjections may cause spreading depression and suppress absence seizures

Content of mRNA for NMDA Glutamate Receptor Subunits in the Frontal Cortex and Striatum of Rats after Morphine Withdrawal Is Related to the Degree of Abstinence.

[Adolescents under conditions of chronic family stress]

Biolistic delivery of voltage-sensitive dyes for fast recording of membrane potential changes in individual neurons in rat brain slices.

[Perception of consonant and dissonant chords: changes in the power of the EEG evoked activity]

[Recognition of the spatially transformed objects in men and women: an analysis of the behavior and evoked potentials]

Gender differences in the recognition of spatially transformed figures: Behavioral data and event-related potentials (ERPs)

[Adaptive method for EEG spectrum component decomposition]

[Temporal characteristics of the initial stage of the verbal information processing in healthy subjects and in schizophrenia]

[Analysis of event-related potentials to verbal stimuli in healthy subjects and schizophrenia patients]

A small fraction of strongly cooperative sodium channels boosts neuronal encoding of high frequencies.

[Fast and aimed delivery of voltage-sensitive dyes to mammalian brain slices by biolistic techniques]

[Bayesian classifier for brain-computer interface based on mental representation of movements]

Lateral asymmetry of early seizure manifestations in experimental generalized epilepsy

[Functional organization and structure of the serotonergic neuronal network of terrestrial snail]

Heterosynaptic plasticity induced by intracellular tetanization in layer 2/3 pyramidal neurons in rat auditory cortex.

[Changes in intracellular calcium concentration during generation of high-amplitude EPSPs in grape snail neurons]

[The role of mediator dendro-somatic release in interneuronal communication]

[Activation of brain structures by fMRI data when viewing the video clips and recall of shown actions].

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