The IHNA Ethics Committee was established in October, 21, 2014 by the Order of the IHNA director No. 77/a. The Committee checks whether IHNA employees follow ethics standards adopted in modern science.

All documents about the Ethics Committee are available in Russian.

Committee consist

Committee governor: D. Olga V. Martynova, Deputy Director on Science

Committee members:

  • Pavel D. Bobrov, Chief of the Department in the Laboratoryof Mathematical Neurobiology
  • Vladimir B. Dorokhov, Chief of the Department in the Laboratoryof Sleep and Awakening
  • Liubov B. Oknina. Senior Scientist in Laboratory of General and Clinical Neurophysiology
  • Lyudmila B. Vinogradova. Leading Scientist in the Laboratory of Molecular Neurobiology
  • Committee Secretary - Zhanna V. Garakh, Senior Scientist in the Laboratory of Human Higher Nervous Activity

Also, another experts, IHNA employees and employees from another institute may participate in the committee job without voting.

Ethics estimate

In order to do research in IHNA RAS one need to receive a special confirmation about whether his research protocol is in line with ethics norms established by the IHNA Ethics Committee. Without positive decision including the research in the research plan and doing this research is not possible. 

The decision includes the following stages:

1) The research leader sends a signed application to the Committee secretary (e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). The application is sending together with the following documents:

- research protocol or ammendments to the research protocol;
- the form of the informed agreement and its following editions. The form shall be used by the researcher in his following research;
- materials that will be represented to subjects;
- research description;
- information about payments and compensations to the researchers;
- current version of curriculum vitae and/or another materials supporting his qualification;
- any other documents that are required by the Committee to issue the agreement.

2) The committee consider the application within the 45 days and establish one of the following decisions:

A. The research project is fully in line with the ethics norms and can be executed in its current version;

B. The research project is particularly in line with the ethics norms but can be executed only after putting insufficient changes in the research protocol; 

C. The research project is partially in line with the ethics norms. It can be executed only after putting sufficient changes in the research protocol and another consideration of the protocol by the Committee;

D. The research project is not in line with the ethics norms and can't be approved.

3) If the Committee concluded that the research project is partially in line with the ethics norms (decision type C) or sufficient changes were put in the experiment design, the research project considers by the Committee repeatedly.

4) The ready agreement is issued by the Governor of the Committee in Russian and in English within seven work days and is sended to the applicant's e-mail. The applicant can take a paper version from the Secretary of the Committee.