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Yulia S. Mednikova

Leading Scientist, D.Sc. in Biology

spontaneous activity, dendrites, acetylcholine, ionic homeostasis

Laboratory of Functional Neurocytology
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Had graduated from the Faculty of Biology of Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1970 with a degree in biology and physiology of humans and animals.

PhD in Biology 1977

Doctor of Biological Sciences 2006

Had published more than 50 articles in domestic and foreign journals.

Main scientific results. It was determined that:

1) spontaneous activity of neurons is involved in the formation of adaptive reactions of the brain,

2) non-specific growth of impulsation is formed due to the passage of glutamatergic excitation through the dendrites and is regulated by acetylcholine,

3) M-cholinergic reaction is a metabolic temperature and energy dependent process,

4) a powerful increase in the rate of the M-cholinergic reaction at t = 35-36 degrees Celsius determines

the high dependence of the brain of warm-blooded animals on the lack of energy supply.

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