Laboratory of Molecular Neurobiology

The Laboratory of Molecular Neurobiology appeared in 2007 as a group for the study of molecular neurobiology inside the laboratory of cellular neuroscience training. But already in 2010, a separate laboratory was formed under the leadership of Sergey Vladimirovich Salozhin. At this time, the laboratory mastered the basic methods of creating lentiviral vectors and packaging of lentiviral particles, as well as the creation of adeno-associated viruses and the technology of their concentration. In 2015, the laboratory was headed by Alexey Petrovich Bolshakov, and now the work is carried out in several priority areas:

  • Research of the epigenetic regulation of the processes of memory formation and storage. -Research of neuroinflammation.
  • Studies of gene expression during plastic rearrangements in the brain are normal and in models of CNS pathologies.
  • Investigations of the role of non-coding RNA in the functioning of CNS cells.
  • Electrophysiological and behavioral studies of the processes occurring in the brain of experimental animals with the spreading depression (one of the pathophysiological mechanisms of migraine) and the epileptiform activity of various genesis.
  • Optimization of methods for assembling various viral constructions (lentiviruses, adeno-associated viruses), packaging of viruses for use in laboratory and interlaboratory projects.

To perform work on projects in the laboratory, a wide range of methods is actively used: standard molecular biological (PCR, real-time PCR, RNA and DNA isolation, electrophoresis, cloning, etc.), chromatin precipitation (ChIP-pcr), western blot; work with primary cultures of neurons and cell lines PC12, HEK293; work with bacterial strains (transformation, plasmid production, purification); assembly of viral constructs (lentiviruses, adeno-associated viruses) for overexpression of target products in vitro and in vivo; work with animals (injection of viruses into various areas of the brain, in vivo electrophysiology, behavioral testing of emotional and cognitive disorders in CNS pathology, neuropharmacological methods; experimental modeling of epilepsy); immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry.

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