Alexander A. Frolov, one of the older Institute employees was passed away on Juny, 10, 2020.

Alexander A. Frolov initiated new scientific directions, he used to be an author of numerous papers and monographies. His ideas encompassed wide region of scientific subjects from physics and biomechanics to memory theory and consciousness, many of his inventions will be developed in the future. He was a mastermind and a leader of several generation of employees. of the Laboratory of Mathematical Neurobiology of Learning. He governed massive Russian and international projects in theoretical neurophysiology, mathematical simulation, clinical application of movement control models. Alexander Frolov collaborated with scientific communities in France, Germany and Czech republic fruitfully.

As for us, Alexander A. Frolov was a teacher, a sample of really thinking scietist and simply a very closed man which loss can not be expressed. His memory will be alive and his devotion to science, inexhaustive interst to the nature mysteries, his calm and friendliness remain in hearts of the people which were lucky to know him and work with him.