Laboratory of Neuroontogenesis

Brief history of the laboratory

The laboratory of neuroontogenesis was formed in 1989 and belongs to the scientific school of academician Peter Kuzmich Anokhin. The laboratory develops ideas about system genesis, developmental heterochronies and functional systems. Her origins are Kira Vasilyevna Shuleykina and Sergey Naumovich Khayutin. Laboratory research aims to solve the following problems: · the role of environmental factors (afferent influx) in the formation of the structure and functions of the developing brain. · The study of the role of early sensory experience in the formation of memory and learning of adult animals. · The study of the structural and functional bases of the formation of early forms of behavior and the modification of their sensory support in the subsequent stages of postnatal ontogenesis. · Study of integrative interactions in the nervous system during normal ontogenesis, under conditions of restriction of sensory input and with genetically determined developmental disorders.

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